[What's Your Story?] Something Lovely Within Reach

This year I've started a new interactive illustration series called "What's Your Story?" I introduce a new topic each week, ask for you to share your stories within that topic, and pick three to illustrate before the week is out!

This week, the topic was:

Something Lovely Within Reach.

Here's mine:

On my desk sits this absolutely jam-packed pencil cup. Her name is Phoebe, and she holds all sorts of pens and pencils. Just looking at her makes me smile, and I love knowing I have everything I need right there to get started creating something. She’s also the go-to for any writing utensils needed when we have friends over (especially for the grading parties we host for teachers at my husband’s school). There’s something special about having creative tools right there whenever inspiration strikes—especially in such a cute container! It’s a simple, but powerful thing. ⠀
— Gracie
A stack of books all waiting to be read! :)
— Christy B.
My toddler son’s back pack stained no doubt by juice spills and sticky hands. Overflowing with his art work, blankets, and warm jacket.
— Nicole
Right now, we have an empty red metal gum ball machine on the counter, sitting on top of it is a purple paper wizard hat (with colorful stars). It makes me smile when I look at it, because it just reminds me of the magic that my kids bring to our lives and our home. The kids made the wizard hat and of course it just sat around on my table and I didn’t want to throw it away. I try to keep stuff fun and creative around the house and simple stuff like that also makes them smile and laugh. Gum ball machines are magical anyways, bringing smiles and joy to kids and adults... it’s one of those things you wish for! (I bought it 2 yrs ago, I have always wanted one.)
— @motherbirdstinyfeathers

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